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Hi, I'm Dave, with Beth my wife and Olivia my daughter. We are the Rogers, owners of Charlie K's BBQ. We welcome you to our website and we hope you visit our establishment. Named after Beth's stepfather Charlie Kauffman, Charlie K's open its doors to the public July 2, 2010 after many backyard BBQs and encouragement from friends and family.

It all started by watching close friend, Eric Albright, the pig master. I watched him and his cohorts do whole pigs. First over charcoal then they converted to gas. Unbeknownst to them, the ground work for my BBQ passion was beginning.

In 1988 I moved to Houston, Texas to go to commercial dive school. While in Houston I met a man who was very passionate about brisket. He taught me his version of Texas Brisket. After completing dive school, I moved to Thibodaux, Louisiana to work in the oil fields. On my time off I met and became friends with several cajuns that were glad to share their passion for cooking with me.

In 1995 I moved back home to Delaware. I continued to be passionate about cooking specialty BBQ. 15 years went by and I was presented with the chance to do it for a living using old family recipes and new ones. I hope we at Charlie K's can provide you with a great BBQ experience. Thanks, Dave. Come by and say hi!